LIFE Magazine April 11, 1955 - Grace Kelly Academy Award Winner

LIFE Magazine April 11, 1955

Grace Kelly Academy Award Winner

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Pg... 16 Speaking of Pictures: Candid Photos of Sidewalk Typists Show Some Candid Writing

Pg... 30 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 35 U.S. Gets Set for Polio Vaccine: Drug Houses Stock Up as Results are Optimistically Awaited from Salk Tests

Pg... 40 A Look at the World's Week

Pg... 44 Italy's Premier Mario Scolba Wins Friends for Himself and His Country on a Thank–You Visit to the U.S.

Pg... 46 The "Tribune's" Colonel Dies: A Rich and Full Life Ends at 74 for Robert R. McCormick

Pg... 48 Editorial: Ways to God

Pg... 53 What Goes on Inside Atomic Sub

Pg... 57 Preview for Penguins: Antarctic Visit of U.S. Navy Ship Breaks Way for an International Expedition

Pg... 64 New Radiance for Churches: The Ancient Art of Stained–Glass Windows is Revived by Modern Designers

Pg... 71 Small–As–Life Copies: Widow Dummies are Twins of Child Fashion Models

Pg... 79 Daring Quest by Jet Boat: England's Don Campbell Seeks Water Speed Record but Prepares to Do It Safely

Pg... 89 Stair–Climbing Wheel Chair: A Set of Motor–Driven Windmilling Wheels Rolls Invalids Backward Up Steps

Pg... 95 Beautiful Blooming Shrubs: Paintings in Color by Anne Ophella Todd of 12 of Best Flowering Bushes to Plant in Spring

Pg... 105 Witty Wisdom in Poet's Play: Christopher Fry's "The Dark Is Light Enough" is Full of Good Talk

Pg... 109 Chickens Over Glass: Photographer Gets a Worm's–Eye View of Brooding Hen

Pg... 111 High Lady's High Jinks: England's Rich Lady Docker

Pg... 117 Oscar Winners Pull a Switch: Boisterous Brando is a Perfect Gentleman and Imperturbable Kelly Breaks Down

Pg... 125 LIFE'S Photographic Essay: The Encroaching Menace of the Slums and What Chicago is Doing About It

Pg... 138 LIFE'S Article: Has the U.S. Discovered a New Religion? Paul Hutchinson Examines Our Spiritual Trends

Pg... 163 Tiny Movie–Makers in Toyland: Industrial Designer Invents a Home Movie Kit for Kids

Pg... 166 Happy Change for a Heavy: Hollywood Villain Ernest Borgnino Plays a Gentle Hero

Pg... 170 A Big Bank Merger and a Bigger One Continue a Business Trend

Pg... 172 Miscellany: Briton Swabs the Waves COVER: Grace Kelly, who won Oscar as best actress of 1954, In dress she wore at award ceremony (pg. 117–120)

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