LIFE Magazine April 16, 1971 - Beatles Paul McCartney and wife Linda

LIFE Magazine April 16, 1971

Beatles Paul McCartney and wife Linda

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Pg... 28 A Veteran Comes Home?to Limbo Mike Ball, of Midland, Mich., returns from Vietnam and finds that his dreams are not working out. Photographed by John Olson. Text by Cohn Leinster

Pg... 40 Editorials The promise Nixon didn't make Lieutenant Calley and the President

Pg... 44 The Manson Jury: The End of a Long Ordeal Seven men and five women who spent seven months on the trial of Charles Manson and three codefendants. By Barry Farrell

Pg... 50 Igor Stravinsky Dies at 88

Pg... 52 Paul McCartney on the Beatle Breakup "I felt the split was coming." An interview by Richard Meryman

Pg... 61 Hello Energy?Goodbye, Big Sky Smokestacks invade the wide–open air of the Southwest. By John Neary

Pg... 71 See Spot and His Monkey Mother

Pg... 74 Fortresses for Science New laboratories have a dramatic architectural style

Pg... 81 This Is a Housemother?

Pg... 4 The: PRESIDENCY Hunkered down for the last act. By Hugh Sidey

Pg... 8 GALLERY An early–morning sculler on the Arno River by Tony Ruta

Pg... 12–18 REVIEWS Melvin Maddocks reviews Harding Lemay's autobiography, Inside, Looking Out The new epidemic of theater documentaries?Stage Left: Current Events. Commentary by Torn Prideaux The Conformist, reviewed by Richard Schickel

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