LIFE Magazine August 14, 1964 - President Johnson

LIFE Magazine August 14, 1964

President Johnson

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Pg... 4 Editorial: If the Machine Wants Our Jobs, Let's Buy It

Pg... 6 LIFE Reviews: Books: Elleston Trevor's The Flight of the Phoenix Reviewed by David E. Scherman

Pg... 6 LIFE Reviews: Movie: An Italian Import, Seduced and Abandoned, Reviewed by Richard Oulahan

Pg... 6 LIFE Reviews: Radio: Aargh! Green Hornet! You Here Again? By Charles Osborne

Pg... 21 U.S. Strikes Back at North Vietnam: Aboard the Destroyer Maddox in a Skirmish. Special Report from the Files of Navy Intelligence

Pg... 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 24 The Man Who Is the President: A Searching Look at the Extraordinary and Complex Lyndon Baines Johnson

Pg... 30 The Moon Shot: The Ranger VII Contraption Scores a Historic Bull's–Eye, Reveals Details of the Moon Never Before Seen, and Stirs Some Controversy Over the Lunar Dust Layer

Pg... 36B End of the Hunt in Mississippi: The FBI Excavates a Dam and Finds the Bodies of Three Young Civil Rights Workers Missing for 43 Days

Pg... 43 Clearing an Artery: A Plumbing–Style "Snake" Restores Circulation in New Treatment

Pg... 50 The Vanderbilts: The Splendid World of an Illustrious Family. Photographed by Toni Frissell

Pg... 68 L.B.J.'s Running Mate: A LIFE Poll of Voter Preferences by Elmo Roper?and an Analysis of It. By Ernest Havemann

Pg... 85 Buster Keaton Bounces Back: The Silent–Era Comedian in a New Avant–Garde Movie

Pg... 91 Vacation in a Fabled Vale: LIFE Inaugurates a Travel Department with a Trip to Kashmir. By Mary Leatherbee

Pg... 98 Miscellany: Ultimate in Spectacles

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