LIFE Magazine August 28, 1964 - The Beatles U.S. Return

LIFE Magazine August 28, 1964

The Beatles U.S. Return

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Pg... 4 Editorials: Private Wealth in Public Office

Pg... 4 Editorials: Congress Gets a Grade of 'A'

Pg... 8 LIFE Reviews: Book: Sex and the Office (by Helen Gurley Brown), Reviewed by Jane Howard

Pg... 8 LIFE Reviews: TV: His Crime was Playing it Straight. By Richard Oulahan

Pg... 8 LIFE Reviews: Movie: The Girl with Green Eyes, Reviewed by Ann Flaherty

Pg... 19 Our Spy–Boss Who Loved James Bond: Special Report on Ian Fleming by Former C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles

Pg... 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 22 My Brother Fidel, the Tyrant: Juana Castro's Own Story of Cuba's Dictator and the Terror that Drove Her Into Exile

Pg... 34 Items in the News

Pg... 34B Boy's Heroic Battle with a Fish: A 15–Year–Old Takes 19 Hours to Land His Catch

Pg... 37 Lamb in an Artificial Womb: In an Experiment that May Help Save Human Babies, Scientists Keep an Unborn Lamb Alive

Pg... 41 U.S. Customs vs. the Cheaters: How the Inspectors Ferret Out Undeclared Imports. By Carl Mydans

Pg... 48 The Fall Fashions: After–Dark Wear by Top U.S. Designers will be the Most Elegant Ever. Photographed for LIFE by Howell Conant

Pg... 58A Those Beatles Again: They Return to the U.S. and Set San Francisco on Its Ear. The Man Behind the Beatle Craze. By Gail Cameron

Pg... 70 Paul Hornung is Back: Football's Prodigal Golden Boy Ends His Year of Exile

Pg... 80 Atlantic City's Big Show: A Convention Town All Dolled Up for the Democrats

Pg... 87 CBS Tilts Yankee Stadium: Radio–TV Network Purchases a Mighty Baseball Team and Stirs Up a Mighty Worry

Pg... 90 Miscellany: Lee's Mid–Air Lair

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