LIFE Magazine August 6, 1965 - Navy Battleship Oklahoma City Shells Vietnam

LIFE Magazine August 6, 1965

Navy Battleship Oklahoma City Shells Vietnam

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Pg... 4 Editorial: Johnson Means Business in Vietnam

Pg... 6 LIFE Reviews: Book: Peter De Vries's Let Me Count the Ways, Reviewed by Richard P. Brickner

Pg... 6 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Ship of Fools, Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg... 13 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 14 The View from Here: Our Encounter with Mars. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg... 16 Long Guns Flash on the China Sea: U.S. Seapower Strikes at the Enemy in Vietnam. Photographed by Bill Ray

Pg... 26 Items in the News

Pg... 26B Russia's Lethal Surface–to–Air Missile: Sophisticated Antiaircraft Weapon is a New Factor in the Vietnam War. Startling Pictures of a Deadly Accurate Test–Firing in the U.S.S.R.

Pg... 26D White House Council of War: How President Johnson and His Advisers Arrived at Their Decisions on Vietnam. By Richard B. Stolley

Pg... 29 Big Row Over Texas Gulf Sulphur: An SEC Suit Raises Questions of Investment Ethics. By Chris Welles

Pg... 39 Chip Off the Old Hemingway: Close–Up of the Novelist's Son Patrick in Africa

Pg... 46 A Lovely Island Called Dominica: The Unspoiled Beauty of a Caribbean Land that Few Men have Ever Seen. Photographed by John Dominis

Pg... 62A The Terrain of Mars: Spectacular Mariner IV Pictures Show Surface Features in Detail

Pg... 62D Spain's Great Beatnik Bullfighter: The Triumph of El Cordob?s in the Ring?and the Carefree Life He Leads When He's Not Facing the Bulls. Photographed by Loomis Dean

Pg... 71 Brotherly Boom in Burglaries: A One–Family Crime Wave in Chicago. By Keith Wheeler

Pg... 81 Teen–Age Fashions for Fall: High School Girls and a Computer Team Up to Predict Style Trends

Pg... 88 Miscellany: The Monster of Bogey Lake

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