LIFE Magazine December 11, 1970 - Organic Food

LIFE Magazine December 11, 1970

Organic Food

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Pg... 26F The Crisis in Power: We have Barely Enough Electricity to Go Around Now, and Our Chances of Getting More Soon are Dim. Photographed by Yale Joel

Pg... 36 The Samurai Who Committed Hara–Kiri: Yukio Mishima, Writer and Would–Be Warrior: a Recollection by Jerrold Schecter

Pg... 39 A World's Record Vel?squez

Pg... 40 Reversing the Arms Race: Guest Privilege: A Practical 10–Point Plan, by Former Pentagon Research and Engineering Chief Herbert F. York

Pg... 44 The Move To Eat Natural: New Converts to Organic Food are Sprouting Up All Over. By Elizabeth Lansing

Pg... 54 Khrushchev Remembers, Part III The Death of Stalin, the Menace of Beria: Intrigue in the Kremlin: How Nikita Khrushchev and His Colleagues Brought Down the Powerful Chief of Secret Police

Pg... 73 The Dinosaurs Finally Win One

Pg... 76 Micro–Cars: Europe's Answer to the Traffic Jam is Mighty Small and Getting Bigger

Pg... 81 The Teddy Bear Loyalists: PARTING SHOTS Visits with Some Grown–Ups Who Never Quite Put Childish Things Behind Them

Pg... 4 Departments: The Presidency: A Cold Shadow on the Capital. By Hugh Sidey

Pg... 8 Departments: Gallery: Berenice Abbott's New York Newsstand Circa 1935

Pg... 12–22 Departments: Reviews: William McWhirter Reviews "Military Men," a Hard Look at the Army by Ward Just

Pg... 12–22 Departments: Reviews: A Photo Show of Old New York, Reviewed by Walter McQuade

Pg... 12–22 Departments: Reviews: Benjamin Bradlee on the Jean Stein–George Plimpton Oral History of the Robert Kennedy Tragedy, "American Journey"

Pg... 26A Departments: Letters to the Editors

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