LIFE Magazine December 1982 - Princess Diana

LIFE Magazine December 1982

Princess Diana

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Pg... 4 Editor's Note: The World Is Our Oyster, and Here Are Three Pearl's

Pg... 7 The View from Here: Long Wait for a Great Gift by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg... 10 Camera at Work: Using a Giant Polaroid, an American Photographer Focuses on Saudi Royalty.

Pg... 23 Letters.

Pg... 25 Portrait: Conquistador Cielo, a Dazzling Horse Heads for High–Stakes Paternity by Virginia Hopkins.

Pg... 32 Reunited: A Vietnam Veteran Welcomes the Family He Left in Saigon.

Pg... 40 The Hot War Follies: In Humboldt County, California the Law Is Outwitted by Marijuana Growers

Pg... 51 God Save Diana: Radiant and Self–Assured, the Princess of Wales Ventures Forth from the Nursery.

Pg... 58 The Vatican's Traveling Treasures: Culled from the Papal State, 237 Magnificent Artworks Had for the US.

Pg... 73 Good As Goldie: Actress Hawn Scores As Mogul, Mom, Star

Pg... 105 Grizzly Attacks Man, Sort of: Trainer Doug Seus Lives Peaceably in Utah with a Menagerie of Fierce Beast

Pg... 122 50 Years Old––and Still Kicking: The Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall's Biggest Draw, Are Expanding West. 128 Brain Stormers: Alexander Haig Joins Herman Kahn's Heavy Thinkers at the Hudson Institute.

Pg... 138 Actor for the Ages: At 75, Laurence Olivier Takes on His Last Great Shakespearean Role by Richard Meryman

Pg... 164 Clothes on the Cutting Edge: Streamlined Styles They Keep out the Chill.

Pg... 170 Masters of the Elements: A Handful of Scientists Re–Create Natural Catastrophes in Miniature in the Lab.

Pg... 110 Viennese Desserts: Part 4 in a LIFE Series on Regional Cooking Sachertorte to Salzburger Nockerl by Elinor Graves

Pg... 178 Life around the World: DeLorean: the High Road to Ruin... Deadly Fumes Clear out but Questions Remain... Mississippi Mayor Is Acquitted of Murder.

Pg... 156 LIFE Visits a Culture from the Past: The Primitive People of the Southern Sudan Face Wrenching Changes in Their Lives

Pg... 184 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Don White

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