LIFE Magazine December 1995 - On the Trail of Angels

LIFE Magazine December 1995

On the Trail of Angels

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Cover... On the trail of angels; search for meaning and comfort in the spiritual world; photograph by Starr Ockenga

Pg... 10 The Big Picture: Trust derailed in Arizona; a frisky newborn having a whale of a time; carrying patriotism to new heights.

Pg... 20 Portrait: Sure she's got money, fame, a hit TV show. But Opera still wondered: is it worth it?

Pg... 24 Life Goes...: The spirit of the million Man March brings Washington – and the rest of the country – to its feet

Pg... 32 Almanac: Celebrating a real doll; the high price of genius; a film star who stayed on his toes (Fred Astaire).

Pg... 40 The Way We Live: At Children's Hospital in Philadelphia, the dedicated staff of its world–class pediatric emergency ward handles everything from boo–boos to brain surgery–all in the space of 72 hours.

Pg... 54 LIFE 60 years: Frittata first captured the spirit of adventure: a brilliant gathering deep beneath the ocean, a lonely trek across the Himalayas, plus a view from the top the world–and even higher.

Pg... 62 LIFE Special: Not since the Renaissance. Have these celestial beings ascended to such lofty heights. A New York skeptic takes weighing in search of Angels and learns what it takes to believe.

Pg... 80 Discovery: Genetic manipulation is producing altered states in mice, creating an army of bazaar–looking creatures, each a four–legged laboratory for studying disease

Pg... 88 Face–To–Face: Great in talent in stature but even bigger in spirit, basketball superstar Hakeem Olajuwon doesn't play games with his beliefs.

Pg... 100 Camera at Work: Photographer Alex Webb works, the darker side of the Sunshine State

Pg... 106 Pictures to the Editor.

Pg... 108 Just One More.

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