LIFE Magazine December 31, 1971 - Year in Pictures 1971 Special Issue

LIFE Magazine December 31, 1971

Year in Pictures 1971 Special Issue

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Pg... 2 The Year in Pictures: A Gallery of Great Scenes, from the Tragedy of East Pakistan and Attica to the Frivolity of Hot Pants and the Open Joy of a White House Wedding

Pg... 16–27 The Cultural Scene: Three LIFE Critics Survey the Year's Arts: Cyclops on TV, Richard Schickel on Movies, Melvin Maddocks on Books

Pg... 41 Nixon at Three–Quarter Time: Hugh Sidey Assesses the President as He Goes Into His Fourth Year in Office

Pg... 62 Homosexuals in Revolt: A Major Essay on America's Newest Militants, the Activists of "Gay Liberation"

Pg... 74 A Family and the News: John Neary's Personal Story of the Way His Family Lived Through a Barrage of Headlines

Pg... 84 Some Razzle–Dazzle Fantasies: Walt Disney World Opens in Florida, London Bridge Comes to the Arizona Desert, the Kennedys Almost Recreate Camelot?and Jackie and Ari have a Chat

Pg... 90 Familiar Faces Revisited: A Roundup of Some People You May Recognize?with Reports on what They have Been Doing Lately

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