LIFE Magazine February 20, 1950 - Gregory Peck

LIFE Magazine February 20, 1950

Gregory Peck

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Pg... 29 The Week's Events: Britain's Future is Put Up to Voters

Pg... 36 The Week's Events: Editorials: The Socialist Mind, The Potato's Eye, Security–Poor

Pg... 37 The Week's Events: Deer Fight For Hay in a Manly Fashion

Pg... 40 The Week's Events: College Revival Becomes Confession Marathon

Pg... 42 The Week's Events: Aga Khan's Followers Shed Their Shoes

Pg... 48 The Week's Events: General Clay Answers Some Tough Questions

Pg... 101 Photographic Essay: Life at 50 Below, Photographed for LIFE by George Silk

Pg... 66 Article: The War Memoirs of Winston Churchill, Volume III, Part II

Pg... 121 Close–Up: Young King With a Horn, by John Stanton

Pg... 55 Movies: "Twelve O' Clock High"

Pg... 85 Movies: Disney's "Cinderella"

Pg... 61 Transportation: Kaiser Offers a Car for Under $1,200

Pg... 64 Music: Work Horse of the Met

Pg... 87 Fashion: High–Fashion Patterns

Pg... 95 Religion: Italians Harass U.S. Evangelists

Pg... 113 Science: Solution to Water Shortage?

Pg... 14 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Bess Truman has an Alphabetical Tea

Pg... 18 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg... 47 Other Departments: LIFE Congratulates

Pg... 132 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to the Milford Haven Wedding

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