LIFE Magazine February 8, 1963 - Greece Thought Drama

LIFE Magazine February 8, 1963

Greece Thought Drama

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Pg... 4 Editorials: Kennedy's Tax Cut

Pg... 4 Editorials: Progress in the South

Pg... 15 LIFE Guide: There's a Club to Suit Every Joiner. News of Orchid Shows, Books, Music

Pg... 17 Old Grad Paratrooper: Special Report by Elliott Chaze Tells What It's Like to go Back

Pg... 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 28 Centruy's Worst Freeze: Arctic Weather Piles Disaster Upon the Northern Hemisphere. What Brought it All On.

Pg... 40 We Call on Cuba: LIFE Team Gets an Impromptu Guided Tour of Castro's Handiwork, and Finds the Russian Supply Line Very Much in Business

Pg... 45 Milestones of Freedom: South Carolina's Clemson College Integrates. Iran's Shah Seeks and Gets Public Support

Pg... 46 Passing of the Poet: Robert Frost is Dead. Some Last Stanzas

Pg... 48 Dead Man at the Controls: An Air Passenger Who Cannot Fly Finds He Must?or Else

Pg... 53 Antiradiation Candy: British Doctor's Lollipops Leave a Potential Problem Unsolved

Pg... 60 Greeece: Part III: The Life of the Mind: the Ancient Greeks Taught Man How to Reason. By Giorgio de Santillana. The Great Dramatists Provided a Showplace for the Spirit. Photographed for LIFE by Gjon Mili

Pg... 78 Salk's Splendid Adventure: The Vaccine Developer will Bring Brilliant Creators Together in a Unique Institute

Pg... 93 Ski World's Maverick: Walt Schoenknecht Breaks Tradition at Mt. Snow

Pg... 97 Batch of Fine Child Actors: Big Juvenile Parts in Adult Movies

Pg... 105 Lilly of Palm Beach: A Stylish Socialite Scores a Whopping Success with a Simple Dress

Pg... 112 Miscellany: Wink in the Drink

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