LIFE Magazine January 1990 - Year in Pictures 1989 Special Issue

LIFE Magazine January 1990

Year in Pictures 1989 Special Issue

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Pg... 8 Incredible "89, Enduring Images from earth and sky

Pg... 23 Firsts for women, new roles

Pg... 24 Fleet Feat, Running styles of a prez and a princess

Pg... 26 Earthquake, Convulsion in California

Pg... 34 Anniversaries, France goes de'ja'Vu

Pg... 38 Mr.Bush's Neighborhood, harsh realities surround the White House

Pg... 44 Double Exposure, In show biz,some unfraternal twins

Pg... 52 China, a peaceful protest becomes a bloodbath

Pg... 62 For Better or for Worse, some notable "I do's"

Pg... 70 Faces of Controversy, Vital issues personified

Pg... 78 Lip Service, They kiss, we tell

Pg... 80 Beauty Parts, A starry mix of mind and mien

Pg... 88 Courting Trouble, Trials for a good laugh

Pg... 94 Souvenirs, Collectible relics and quotes

Pg... 103 Sex, Lies, Videotape Dirty laundry gets airing

Pg... 105 Snafus, The U.S. military misfires

Pg... 108 legends, Their journeys ended

Pg... 119 In Retirement, Leave–takings,forced and otherwise

Pg... 121 29 years ago in LIFE, The building of the Berlin Wall

Pg... 126 At long last liberty, The Iron Curtain rises

Pg... 136 Parting shot

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