LIFE Magazine July 3, 1950 - George Washington at Trenton

LIFE Magazine July 3, 1950

George Washington at Trenton

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Pg... 13 The Week's Events: State Governors Meet in West Virginia

Pg... 18 The Week's Events: Editorial: Politics on the Fourth

Pg... 19 The Week's Events: X–Ray Reveals a Human Junk Pile

Pg... 20 The Week's Events: France Has to Form 11th Cabinet in Six Years

Pg... 22 The Week's Events: Shriners Make Mystic Mummery in Al Malaikah

Pg... 24 The Week's Events: What Will The Sergeant Think?

Pg... 29 The Week's Events: It Was No Fit Week For Man or Beast

Pg... 32 The Week's Events: Washington Journalists Take Afternoon Off

Pg... 61 Red Hungary Offers to Swap a Prisoner for a Crown

Pg... 36 Pictorial Essay: The American Revolution

Pg... 67 Science: Visible Heat

Pg... 71 Movies: Pearl's Big Moment

Pg... 79 Medicine: The Human Embryo

Pg... 83 Fashion: Fancy Sweaters

Pg... 2 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Paris Recalls Building of "Loathsome" Eiffel Tower

Pg... 6 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg... 88 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to Pint–Sized Formal

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