LIFE Magazine July 7, 1961 - A New Life for Ike: Eisenhower Down On The Farm

LIFE Magazine July 7, 1961

A New Life for Ike: Eisenhower Down On The Farm

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Pg... 31 STORY OF THE WEEK: What Your Doctor Learned: Biggest A.M.A. Convention Ever is Full of Medical News About Remedies and Treatments He May (Sob!) be Using on You

Pg... 38 NEWSFRONTS: In Words and Pictures: Labor's Love Lost Among Dispirited Unionists: Poi–Licking, Politicking Governors; a Look at the New Military in Washington; and Other People from the Duchess of Alba to Joe DiMaggio, Plus Actors in a Who's Who Whodunit

Pg... 48 EDITORIALS: Competition and the Boom

Pg... 48 EDITORIALS: An Awakening for Orville

Pg... 61 THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Visit to a Famous Farmer: Personal Impressions Reveal Eisenhower as Busy and Contented. Photographed for LIFE by Edward Clark

Pg... 74 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: Daring Sky–High Camera Feat Documents Eerie, Exhilarating Sport of Baton–Passing by Parachutists. Photographed for LIFE by Charles Bonnay

Pg... 84 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Secret Moments in a Famous Campaign: a Top Reporter Reveals New Insights on Kennedy's Strategy and Decisions. By Theodore H. White

Pg... 96 BETTER LIVING: News from the Waterfronts: Easy–to–Tote Games and Swimming Gear; Giddy Camouflage, Way–Out Wigs for Wet Heads; Dramatic $10,000 Beach House

Pg... 53 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: Susannah York, Britain's Dewy Dazzler, Rapidly Heading for Fame

Pg... 15 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: a Great Urge to Help Flavio: LIFE'S Readers are Moved by the Plight of Rio Slum Family

Pg... 21 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE: It Directs You to Summer Pageants, Art, Books, Records, Theater

Pg... 102 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Beating a Nip in Time

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