LIFE Magazine March 22, 1963 - Deep Down Patrol on Polaris Submarine

LIFE Magazine March 22, 1963

Deep Down Patrol on Polaris Submarine

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Pg... 4 Editorials: More Fingers on the Trigger?

Pg... 4 Editorals: Why Teacher Can't Teach

Pg... 10 LIFE Guide: A Garland of Good Movies from Here and Abroad. Springtime Spectacles and Events

Pg... 15 Ride the 'Slipstream': Special Report by Tom Flaherty on a Foxy Auto–Racing Art

Pg... 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 22 Polaris on the Prowl: A Deadly Seagoing Nuclear Arsenal Dives Its Lonely Deep–Fathom Way. By Robert Brigham. Photographed for LIFE by Paul Schutzer

Pg... 32 Grand Ole Opry's Grief: The Famous Performers of Country Music Say "So Long" to Colleagues Killed in Plane Crash?and the Show Goes On

Pg... 34 Portrait of a Sister Planet: As Scouted by the Far–Ranging Mariner, Venus Glows Like Burning Coal

Pg... 36 Comeback of Nasserism: Pro–U.A.R. Rebels Take Over in Syria as the Fever Spreads Though the Middle East

Pg... 41 Reprieve for Doomed Dogs: A Spinster's Last Will Ordered Her Pets Killed, but Practically Everybody Speaks Up to Stop It

Pg... 42 Arabian Nights Tale: A New York Court Upholds a Young Woman's Claim that She is the Widow of Iraq's Murdered King Feisal, but the Fight Goes On

Pg... 44 Concerto for Nixon and Violins: To Stringed Accompaniment the Former Vice President Plays His Own Piano Composition?and Composes Some Thoughts on Politics

Pg... 47 Children's Art in Fashions: Grownups Wear Schoolgirl Patterns

Pg... 53 Queen's Colorful Tour: Elizabeth II and Philip get South Seas Welcome and Some Sunburn

Pg... 58 Mount Everest, Anyone?: Some Daredevil Americans Break All the Rules but Nearly Conquer the World's Highest Peak?and Nearly Kill Themselves. By Woodrow Wilson Sayre

Pg... 78 Platoon System of Teaching: New Educational Technique Streamlines the Learning Process and Makes it Exciting. Photographed for LIFE by Cornell Capa

Pg... 89 Girls on a Men–Only Team: Tulane Adds Coeds to Its Varsity Swimming Squad to Improve Scores and the Looks of Things

Pg... 93 Cowhide and Curved Steel: These Chairs are Up–to–the–Minute Antiques

Pg... 99 The Helidoctor: Nebraska Physician Makes His Rounds by Whirly Bird

Pg... 103 What's With Jack?: You Would Never Guess It, but the Great Lemmon is a Worried Man. By Peter Bunzel

Pg... 110 Miscellany: Steady, Teddy

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