LIFE Magazine March 27, 1964 - Charles De Gaulle in Mexico City

LIFE Magazine March 27, 1964

Charles De Gaulle in Mexico City

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Pg... 4 Editorial: Christian Morality and Race Issues

Pg... 3 LIFE Reviews: Eric Hodgins' New Book Episode, Reviewed by John Kenneth Galbraith, Culture on TV, Reviewed by Tom Prideaux. The Fall of the Roman Empire?a Movie Reviewed by Paul Mandel

Pg... 22 The G.O.P. Heads West: Oregon and California are Next Up on the Primary Trail and the Big Fights Shape Up. Special Report by Robert Ajemian

Pg... 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 24 De Gaulle in Mexico: The French President Makes a Grandstand Play?and L.B.J. Makes a More Sober Appeal to Latin America

Pg... 26 Greece Mourns King Paul: His Son Constantine Becomes the New King and Inherits the Problem of Cyprus

Pg... 30 Items in the News: Taylor–Burton Marry in Montreal. Castro Snorkels in Bay of Pigs. Garden Hoses Fight Los Angeles Fires. Police Tear–Gas Students in Ohio

Pg... 32 Verdict on Jack Ruby: Violence, Froth, Sob Stuff?but was Justice Done in Dallas? A Complete Report on the Trial by Sybille Bedford

Pg... 39 How to Milk a Seal: Scientists Seek Answer to Nutritional Riddle in Seagoing Mammals. By Alicia Hills

Pg... 45 Ezra Pound Speaks Out: In Exile in Venice the Aging Poet Contemplates a Trip Home and Tells Why. By Jordan Bonfante

Pg... 54 The Greatest Story Ever Told: A Reverent Film About the Life of Christ. Photographs by Eliot Elisofon

Pg... 78 America's Hottest Mile–Runner: Tom O'Hara Sets a World's Indoor Record and Becomes the Best U.S. Hope for the Olympics

Pg... 80 Unbeatable Gambler: A Math Professor's Foolproof System for Winning at Blackjack Makes Him the Terror of the Gambling Casinos. By Paul O'Neil

Pg... 92 A Supreme Souffl?: How to Cook It and a Meal that Goes with It. Part III of LIFE'S Great Dinners Series

Pg... 98 Miscellany: A Farm Afloat in Indiana

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