LIFE Magazine May 14, 1971 - Carol Burnett

LIFE Magazine May 14, 1971

Carol Burnett

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Pg... 30 The Day Washington Did Not Shut Down: Crowds of Young Demonstrators Vow to Bring the Capital to a Halt by Blocking Streets and Bridges, but the Police Keep Control. With Police Chief Jerry Wilson, by John Neary

Pg... 40 Biafra One Year Later: There is Food Now and the Threat of Mass Starvation has Passed

Pg... 42 Editorial: The Not So Affluent Society

Pg... 47 A Man in Blue Dons Nurse's White: A New York City Program for Training Registered Nurses

Pg... 59 A Black Governor for Mississippi?: Charles Evers Starts a Long–Shot Campaign. By Paul O'Neil

Pg... 62 Goodbye to Rock: Bill Graham, Proprietor of the Fillmores East and West, Gets Out of the Rock Concert Business. By Michael Durham. Photographed by John Olson

Pg... 70 Dust Racing: A 400–Mile Race Over the Desert. Photographed by Bill Eppridge

Pg... 78 The Groovy Christians: In Rye, N.Y. Youngsters Go On a Religion Trip and Leave Many Parents Baffled. By Jane Howard

Pg... 89 Octopush: An Underwater Version of Hockey

Pg... 92 Here's to You, Mrs. Hamilton: Carol Burnett and Her Producer Husband Joe Hamilton have a Remarkably Happy Life Together. Photographer by Henry Grossman. Her Idea of Grandeur is a Home with a Backyard. By Joan Downs

Pg... 99 A Streetcar Named Disgrace: PARTING SHOTS Reveals the Commuting Habits of Alexander Dubcek, the Deposed Premier of Czechoslovakia

Pg... 4 Departments: The Presidency: Once Again, Witless Violence. By Hugh Sidey

Pg... 8 Departments: Gallery: Stan Wayman Photographs a Sea Otter's Leisurely Lunch

Pg... 12–20 Departments: Reviews: Benjamin Demott Reviews K. Ross Toole's "The Time Has Come," and Thomas Tryon's "The Other," a Tale of Two Small Boys, is Reviewed by Robert Phelps

Pg... 12–20 Departments: Reviews: TV Reviewer Cyclops Finds that Dr. Marcus Welby's Tonic Won't Hurt You

Pg... 12–20 Departments: Reviews: "A Separate Reality," Carlos Castaneda's Investigation of Yaqui Indian Sorcery, Reviewed by Brad Darrach

Pg... 27 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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