LIFE Magazine May 2000 - Born Too Soon / Collector's Edition /  Last Monthly Issue

LIFE Magazine May 2000

Born Too Soon / Collector's Edition / Last Monthly Issue

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Pg... 1 Cover: Born Too soon: The high–risk drama of keeping the tiniest babies alive: Jason Michael Waldmann Jr. who weighed only 1.2 pounds at birth

Pg... 6 Publisher's Note: Last monthly issue of LIFE magazine

Pg... 12 The Big Picture: In Texas, a tornado leaves a house in tatters; in Illinois, a basset hound nurtures an unlikely family; in Uganda, a cult leaves only horror behind

Pg... 22 Life Around the World: A family man in Jakarta proves that hope is stronger than any hardship – or handicap

Pg... 31 Bob Greene: LIFE columnist bids farewell to his first love

Pg... 34 Then and Now: What ever happened to some of LIFE's favorite story subjects

Pg... 44 Coming Back to Life: Twenty years later, the natural beauty of Mount St. Helens rises from the ashes. By Charles Hirshberg. Photography by Gary Braasch

Pg... 48 Saving Jason: Only 1.2 pounds at birth, Jason Michael Waldmann Jr. was born too soon. But new technology, and old–fashioned care, are keeping tinier and tinier babies alive. By Lise Funderburg. Photography by Co Rentmeester

Pg... 66 Making Faces: A portrait photographer asks his subjects: "What do you see?" Photography by Steve Pyke

Pg... 76 The Vanishing Wild: For his new book, a nature photographer set out to document the world's animals – before it's too late. Photography by Art Wolfe

Pg... 106 Just One More: The people who brought LIFE to life

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