LIFE Magazine November 12, 1965 - John Lindsay Victory Mayor of New York City

LIFE Magazine November 12, 1965

John Lindsay Victory Mayor of New York City

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Pg... 4 Editorials: Some Payoffs for Patience

Pg... 4 Editorials: Lindsay, Fusion and the Future

Pg... 15 LIFE Reviews

Pg... 32 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 34 The View from Here: The Fiery Pangs of Conscience. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg... 36 A Prayer, a Take–Off and the Strike: Guam–Based B–52s Hit the Vietcong. Photographed by Charles Moore and Charles Bonney

Pg... 42 Loner Lindsay's New York Triumph: He Stirred the Hope that He Could Make Things Better. By Robert Ajemian

Pg... 46 Items in the News

Pg... 51 Special Report: Rhodesia: "I'm All White, Jack. How are You?" By Jim Hicks

Pg... 57 Thurgood Marshall: A Distinguished Negro Lawyer Becomes Solicitor General, Advocate for the U.S. By Susanna McBee

Pg... 67 International Necklines: The Ocean–Hopping Set Takes Up a New Fashion

Pg... 75 'The Agony and the Ecstasy': The Movie is a Monstrous Mockery of Michelangelo. By Dorothy Seiberling

Pg... 84 The Year of Luxury Options: It Takes a Heap of Gadgets to Make a Car a Home. By Chris Welles

Pg... 93 Race to Succeed Nicole: Mme. Alphand Vacates Her Post as Star Hostess of Washington's Embassy Row. By Maxine Cheshire

Pg... 96B Untamed Surge of Modern Dance: An Art Made in America has Its Biggest Year?and Audiences?in History. Photographed by Farrell Grehan. Shapers of a Brave New World. By Clive Barnes

Pg... 110 A Thousand Days, Part V: The Cuba Missile Crisis. By Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Pg... 129 Tiny Diva's Big Triumph: Opera World Acclaims Moody Teresa Stratas of the Met. "A Fantastic Voice." By Thomas Thompson

Pg... 134 Great Dinners: Welsh Rabbit: A Sharp English Savory Provides an Unexpected Finish to a Gala Dinner of Pheasant. By Eleanor Graves. Photographed by Mark Kauffman

Pg... 140 Miscellany: Of Piety and Porcelain

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