LIFE Magazine November 13, 1970 - Eileen Ford Models

LIFE Magazine November 13, 1970

Eileen Ford Models

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Pg... 32 'We've Always Wanted To Be Cops': A Detective Father and His Patrolman Son, Members of a Family that has Served the San Francisco Police Force for Four Generations, Work at a Time when Cop Killings are Sharply Rising. Text by Gerald Moore. Photographed by Bob Peterson

Pg... 38 After the Election: Despite the Fuss, the Voters Ignored the Slogans. By Hugh Sidey. Some Impressive Newcomers

Pg... 40 Disaster in a French Dance Hall

Pg... 46 The Fabulous Escapes of Papillon: The Colorful Ex–Con from Devil's Island and His Great, Controversial Yarn

Pg... 54 A Contest with Leukemia: Dr. Tom Lincoln, an Expert in Medical Research, Takes on an Unexpected Case?His Wife Nancy, a Leukemia Victim. By John Frook

Pg... 63 Godmother to the World's Loveliest Girls: Model Agent Eileen Ford Turns Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Into Cold Cash. By James Mills

Pg... 80 Love That Computer: Kids in an Art Contest Turn Out Some Warm Images of the Calculating Machine

Pg... 85 Clarence the Ripper?: PARTING SHOTS Examines a Startling New Answer to the Mystery of Jack the Ripper. By Paul O'Neil

Pg... 12 Departments: Gallery: Medical Photographer Sam Ehrlich Tries Landscapes

Pg... 16–24 Departments: Reviews: Norman Rockwell Revisited, by Thomas Buechner

Pg... 16–24 Departments: Reviews: Ramsey Clark's Book on Crime in America, Reviewed by Robert Sherrill

Pg... 16–24 Departments: Reviews: John Leonard Considers TV Football Commentator Howard Cosell

Pg... 29 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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