LIFE Magazine October 1, 1965 - Alaska 49th State Land of Risk and High Promise

LIFE Magazine October 1, 1965

Alaska 49th State Land of Risk and High Promise

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Pg... 8 Editorials: Kashmir and the Unstable Peace

Pg... 8 Editorials: The Minority TV Should Cultivate

Pg... 13 LIFE Reviews: Books: John Philips' The Italians: Face of a Nation, Reviewed by Luigi Barzini

Pg... 13 LIFE Reviews: Movie: King and Country, Reviewed by Brian O'Doherty

Pg... 23 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 25 The View from Here: A Vulgar Tribute to Greatness. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg... 26 Willie Mays Hurtles to the Finish: The Giant Star Gives His Best to His Team and Gives Baseball Its Finest Hour

Pg... 34 Hanol: Inside the Enemy Capital

Pg... 36 Items in the News

Pg... 43 The West German Election: Special Report by Hugh Moffett

Pg... 49 Toughest Woman in Real Estate: New York's Cecilia Benattar Doesn't Cry in Business

Pg... 57 Fall Fashion Isn't All Knee: A Maverick Raincoat Goes Down to the Ankle and California Kids Go to New Lengths

Pg... 64 Alaska: The Hard Country: First of Two Picture Essays on the 49th and 50th States: The Land, Its Historical Relics and its Old Settlers have the Frontier Look. Photographed by Ralph Crane. A Lively Jaunt Around the Big State. By Mary Letherbee

Pg... 90 Opera: Young Offshoot of the Met: A Brilliant Subsidiary Company of Non–Stars Who Double as Dancers

Pg... 94 Control of Life: The New Man: What Will He be Like? The Fantastic Advances of Science Create Complex and Urgent Dilemmas. By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg... 113 Astronauts Meet the Cosmonauts: They Find a Rendezvous on Land Far More Difficult than One in Space. By Jim Hicks

Pg... 118 Great TV Spy Scramble: Competitors Open Fire on U.N.C.L.E's Domain

Pg... 122 Miscellany: A Fur–Lined Catnap

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