LIFE Magazine October 2, 1964 - President Kennedy Assassination Warren Report

LIFE Magazine October 2, 1964

President Kennedy Assassination Warren Report

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Pg... 4 Editorial: The Foreign Policy of THIS Year

Pg... 18 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 24 LIFE Reviews: Books: My Autobiography by Charles Chaplin, Reviewed by Harding Lemay

Pg... 24 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Robert Rossen's Lilith, Reviewed by Richard Oulahan

Pg... 24 LIFE Reviews: Music: U.S. Roots of the Beatles, Reviewed by P. F. Kluge

Pg... 39 The View from Here: The Good Old Days of Space, by Loudon Wainwright

Pg... 40 The Warren Report: The Commission's 10–Month Trail to a Verdict on the Assassination of President Kennedy, and the Facts and Photographs that were Weighed in Evidence

Pg... 55 'Herr Musik Diktator': Herbert von Karajan, a Steely Genius Who has a Yen for Yoga, Yachting and Perfection, Dominates Europe's Concert Stages. "At 3 ? I was Under the Piano," by Peter Dragadze

Pg... 69 Jackpot for Jacques Tiffeau: A New York Designer Again Wins Top U.S. Fashion Award

Pg... 74 A LIFE Extra: Space, Part 2: Visions of a Wondrous Technology

Pg... 86 A LIFE Extra: Space, Part 2: How We'll Land on the Moon, by Astronaut Pete Conrad

Pg... 102 A LIFE Extra: Space, Part 2: The Last Barrier: Man Himself

Pg... 112 A LIFE Extra: Space, Part 2: Pitfalls and Perils Out There, by Albert Rosenfeld

Pg... 129 B–70 Makes First Flight: A Controversial Campaign Issue Gets Off the Ground

Pg... 133 The Squeaky Duelists: Plunger–Tipped Foils Make Fencing Safe for Small Musketeers

Pg... 136 End of Great Girl Drought: Hollywood's Starlet Machine Gets Cranked Up Again

Pg... 141 How They Racked Up Tittle: The Great Quarterback is Bruised and Bloodied by a Fierce Tackle

Pg... 144 Miscellany: Pachyderm Pickpockets

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