LIFE Magazine October 7, 1946 - Crosby and Caulfield

LIFE Magazine October 7, 1946

Crosby and Caulfield

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Pg... 27 The Week's Events: Oldest Human Bones Arrive in the U.S.

Pg... 32 The Week's Events: Editorial: Shall We Have a Depression?

Pg... 33 The Week's Events: Truman is Caricatured by Friend

Pg... 34 The Week's Events: Zale Wins Year's Best Fight

Pg... 36 The Week's Events: Ambassador Stuart Raises U.S. Hopes in China

Pg... 38 The Week's Events: Students are Crowding U.S. School Facilities

Pg... 46 The Week's Events: Bikini Goat Gets Transfusion

Pg... 102 Article: Taft and Vandenberg, by Joseph and Stewart Alsop

Pg... 93 Photographic Essay: Horse Opera

Pg... 49 Theater: The Critics Versus the Playwrights

Pg... 55 Science: Personality Tests

Pg... 63 Sports: Game Bird Shooting, Paintings by Ogden Pleissner

Pg... 71 Short Story: Once Aboard the "Reluctant," by Thomas Heggen

Pg... 81 Medicine: 710–Pound Youth

Pg... 87 Natural History: Japanese Miniature Trees

Pg... 116 Movies: "Blue Skies"

Pg... 121 Modern Living: Shoes to Match

Pg... 2 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports

Pg... 12 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Machamer Tells Why Cartooning is Easy

Pg... 16 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg... 126 Other Departments: LIFE Visits a Country School of Photography

Pg... 130 Other Departments: LIFE's Miscellany: Fun at the Piano

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