LIFE Magazine September 12, 1938 - Prussian in Hungary

LIFE Magazine September 12, 1938

Prussian in Hungary

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Pg... 13 Hitler & Horthy: A Political Interlude During Germany's War Games

Pg... 16 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg... 17 A Mechanical British Drageon Kisses His Horse Goodby

Pg... 18 "$30–Every–Thursday" Causes California Upset

Pg... 20 The Purge Fails in South Carolina as Red Shirts Ride Again

Pg... 22 Two U.S. Customs: K. K. K. & Rodeo

Pg... 24 Italy Eats Gray Bread; Senator Hunts in Arctic

Pg... 25 A Panay Hero Gets a Medal; Jobless Riot for Jobs

Pg... 28 Hilda Has a Great Fall

Pg... 48 John Roosevelt Goes to Work In Filere's Basement

Pg... 50 Hungary: This Kingless Kingdom, Wooed by Germany, Clamors for Lost Lords

Pg... 62 "Four Daughters"

Pg... 64 ?and the Three Lane Sisters

Pg... 31 Test Match Sets New Cricket Record

Pg... 32 Golfer Yates of Atlanta: Will He Win the U.S. Amateur?

Pg... 34 British Half–Miler Sets World's Record

Pg... 38 Polaroid: How It Makes Light Behave

Pg... 42 Great English Landscapes in America

Pg... 45 England Is an Old and Beautiful Land

Pg... 46 How To Do the Lambeth Waltz

Pg... 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 6 Speaking of Pictures–World History in Movies

Pg... 26 People

Pg... 66 LIFE Goes to a Party with Banker Gibson at North Conway, N. H.

Pg... 70 Pictures to the Editors

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