LIFE Magazine September 21, 1962 - Earthquake in Iran U.S. Lends Helping Hand

LIFE Magazine September 21, 1962

Earthquake in Iran U.S. Lends Helping Hand

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Pg... 26 STORIES OF THE WEEK: Iran Cries Out?a Tender Response. Photographed for LIFE by Paul Schutzer and Eddy Van Der Veen

Pg... 34 STORIES OF THE WEEK: In Jungles and Canebrakes of Cuba, Guerrillas Against Castro. Course of the Russian Build–Up?Our Choices. By John Dille

Pg... 4 EDITORIALS: What Should Monroe Doctrine Mean? Blockade

Pg... 4 EDITORIALS: An Honor Due to a Great Friend

Pg... 41 NEWSFRONTS: De Gaulle–Adenauer Entente, Centuries in the Making?Best Foot Forward for an American Ballerina?Goodby, U.N. I'm A–Leaving for Cheyenne

Pg... 62 COLOR SPECTACLE: Gaslit Girls and Gorgeous. Photographed for LIFE by Milton H. Greene. Key Club Phenomenon. By Richard Oulahan Jr.

Pg... 76 SPORTS: Stately World of Newport, Surroundings for the Great Cup Defender Races. Photographed for LIFE by Toni Frissell. Gentlemanly Genius Who Defends the Cup. By Bayard Hooper

Pg... 96 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Remarkable Ford Foundation. By Warren R. Young

Pg... 51 DEPARTMENTS: Art: a Cache of Italian Beauty

Pg... 57 DEPARTMENTS: Animals: Improbable Hunt for the White Porpoise

Pg... 90A DEPARTMENTS: Science: "Our Trip to the Moon." By Paul Mandel

Pg... 111 DEPARTMENTS: Fashion: Bare–Kneed Boys with?What?

Pg... 11 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: the Three Rs and a P (for Psyche). By Martin L. Gross

Pg... 17 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Aquariums, Books, Festivals, History, Movies

Pg... 25 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg... 118 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Long Liquid Pogo Stick

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