LIFE Magazine September 24, 1965 - Gemini 5 Remarkable Views from Space

LIFE Magazine September 24, 1965

Gemini 5 Remarkable Views from Space

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Pg... 4 Editorials: A Discipline that Needs Some

Pg... 4 Editorials: The Unkindest Cut for Student Moptops

Pg... 6 LIFE Reviews: Books: No Heaven for Gunga Din by Ali Mirdrekvandi Gunga Din, Reviewed by Joel Sayre; The Emperor of Ice–Cream by Brian Moore, Reviewed by Conrad Knickerbocker

Pg... 6 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Moment of Truth, Reviewed by Pauline Kael

Pg... 27 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 28 The Feminine Eye: The 300–Year Weekend. By Shana Alexander

Pg... 30 The Earth Seen from Gemini 5: Cooper and Conrad Photograph the World Below in Color?"So Vast, So Beautiful, So Overpowering"

Pg... 40 Surprise in Pakistan–India War: Pakistan's President Khan Asks the U.S. to Make Both Sides Stop Fighting

Pg... 42 Toward World Peace by Law: An International Meeting of Legal Minds

Pg... 44A Mont–Saint–Michel at 1,000: Anniversary Year for a Noble French Monument

Pg... 44C Wrath of a Vagrant Hurricane: Betsy Strikes Miami and New Orleans

Pg... 49 Coming Up, All Roses for Ike: His Book, the Farm, Secret Briefings Fill Up Eisenhower's Days. Special Report by John Steele

Pg... 57 Fashion: Return of the Ankle Strap

Pg... 66 Contorl of Life: Part 3: Manmade and Transplanted Organs Usher in an Era of Rebuilt People. Photographed by Ralph Morse

Pg... 84C Gemini 5 Continued: The Astronauts' Personal Stories, "We had Our Orbit, it was the Cat's Bandana" by Pete Conrad. "For a Time We Looked Like History's Shortest Eight–Day Mission" by Gordon Cooper

Pg... 91 "Head Start" for a Boy: A New York Slum Child Begins to Learn

Pg... 94 Norman Mailer: The Novelist is Never the Champion?Always the Challenger. By Brock Brower

Pg... 118 Le Corbusier: Legacy of a Titan: France's Great Architect Left the World Visions in Concrete. His Ideas are Woven Into the Ages. By Vincent Scully

Pg... 126 Miscellany: Come On, Just One Bite

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