LIFE Magazine April 19, 1963

LIFE Magazine April 19, 1963 Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Good News in Canada

Pg… 4 Editorials: Big New in Russia

Pg… 10 The Unsure Sugar–Offer: Special Report by Bob Buyer on His Do–It–Yourself Go at Making Maple Syrup

Pg… 23 LIFE Guide: Big Doings in U.S. Public Libraries. What's on View in the Legitimate Theater; a Hike and a River Race

Pg… 29 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 30 A Poet vs Stalin: Russia's Evtushenko Cries Out in Verse and in a Revealing Personal Memoir, but the Ghost of the Dead Tyrant Silences Him as the Menace of Stalin–Style Purges Grows

Pg… 38 Death of a Submarine: Beneath the Atlantic Waves East of Boston the Nuclear Submarine Thresher Sends a Final Message, "We are Approaching Test Depth." Hours Later the 129 Officers and Men Aboard are Given Up for Lost. Other Submarine Veterans Speculate on What Might Have Happened, and an Artist Uses Their Guidance to Portray a Final Moment in the Deep.

Pg… 49 All Eyes on La Toria: Dazzling Young Aerialist?Daughter of Unus the Great?Makes Her Sensational Debut as a Circus Headliner

Pg… 53 The Used–To–Be Ustinov: Now in the Flower of Middle Age, the Satirist–Actor–Director Recalls that at the age of 6 He was an Automobile

Pg… 63 Twin–Rideen Classroom: Oh, the Confusion of Trying to Teach Seven Sets of Little Look–Alikes!

Pg… 66C U.S. Fashion Bargains: European Models Try Them?and Love Them

Pg… 72 At Last, Cleopatra!: The Longest, Costliest and Most Jinxed Film is Finally Finished, and the Man Who Knows Tells of the On–Screen and Off–Screen Epic that Does Beat All

Pg… 85 Vaccine for Measles: Now You Can be Immunized Against an Underrated Killer

Pg… 88 Mary Hemingway in Africa: The Novelist's Widow Goes for Big Game and Evokes Poignant Memories of the Land She and "Papa" Loves. By Mary Hemingway

Pg… 101 The World of Orchids: Color Pictures of Exotic Plants that Bloom in an Almost Infinite Variety of Shapes and Hues. Photographed for LIFE by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Mystery Writer Rex Stout Tells Why Nero Wolfe Like Them

Pg… 110 Miscellany: Dandy Duck's Dashing Hairdo

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