LIFE Magazine April 1979

LIFE Magazine April 1979 Solar Eclipse


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note

Pg… 8 Windows Portraits of a Death Camp

Pg… 14 Letters

Pg… 20 The Ageless Spectacle of Mecca Muslims from all over the world stream to Islam's holiest shrine

Pg… 28 Faces of a Troubled Future Upheaval in Rhodesia continues

Pg… 34 The New Hollywood Hotshots Baby moguls arc taking over the dream factory

Pg… 46 Most Super Super Ship The latest oil tankers carry huge cargoes and great potential danger

Pg… 57 Tito's the Name. Photography's the Game Yugoslavia's leader just loves taking pictures 62 A Deadly Target in the Brain A driven surgeon and his team fight to save a man's life By Lawrence Shainberg

Pg… 78 Daft and Daring Clothes for SpringThe exuberant kookiness of Perry Ellis

Pg… 82 Graceful Magic of Art in Glass A young movement transforms an old material

Pg… 91 The Sweethearts of Chi 0 Sorority girls at the University of Arkansas adore those old traditions

Pg… 97 A Fresh and Feisty Sally Field She's hit the mark as a dramatic star in Norma Rae

Pg… 101 A Charming Assassin Who Loved the Good Life The story behind the violent death of a Palestinian terrorist By Paul O'Neil

Pg… 110 Life Around the World Tracking Our Last Eclipse of the Century

Pg… 120 Just One More

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