LIFE Magazine April 21, 1961

LIFE Magazine April 21, 1961 Gagarin Greets Khrushchev Russian Space Feature


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Pg… 20 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Soviet Traveler Returns from Out of This World: the Story of Yuri Gagarin and His Remarkable Achievement. How the News Hit Washington. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 36 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 43 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: "A Stranger to the Human Race": at the Eichmann Trial a Noted American Jew Foresees Risks for Israel in Tragic Revelations. By Harry Golden

Pg… 96 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Spire's Strange Shadow Looms Ominously Over Mariefred, Sweden

Pg… 35 EDITORIALS: Some Cosmonautical Questions

Pg… 35 EDITORIALS: Next Trouble Spot: West Irian

Pg… 48 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: Wild but Sane Ideas for Space Flight: LIFE Presents Some Imaginative New Concepts. Paintings for LIFE by Robert McCall

Pg… 78 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: Beauty Endangered but Still Salvageable: Primeval Wilderness a Heritage to Preserve. Photographed for LIFE by Dmitri Kessel

Pg… 118 ARTICLE: Black Magic: Vital Force in Africa's New Nations. Today's Presidents and Kings Still Pay Homage to the Ancestral Rituals of Witchcraft and Sorcery. By Robert Coughlan, LIFE Staff Writer

Pg… 52D MOVIES: New Fame for Raisin: a Broadway Success Moves to Hollywood with Sidney Poitler

Pg… 57 SCIENCE: A Surveyor of the Moon is Expected to Transmit Direct Information by 1963

Pg… 70 SCIENCE: A Kind Way for Mouth X Ray is Developed

Pg… 61 BOOKS: Roman Holiday for a Bashful Bear Named Winnie: Latin Version of Children's Classic is the Surprise Bestseller of 1961. By David E. Scherman

Pg… 75 FASHION: Big Stretch for High Style: Elastic Fabric Combines Freedom and Fit

Pg… 88A CLOSE–UP: Eager Exponent of Zen: Ex–Anglican Priest Spreads an Eastern Philosophy in the U.S.

Pg… 101 SPORTS: The Good Lord and Gary Player: the Masters Champ's Curious Victory

Pg… 109 ENTERTAINMENT: The Invincible Red: Tormented Skeleton is Top U.S. Clown. Photographed for LIFE by Grey Villet

Pg… 135 PARTY: Outer Space After School: Teen–Age Astronauts Take a 24–Hour "Flight"

Pg… 8 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Camel Bazaar in India

Pg… 16 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 138 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Love Finds a Loophole

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