LIFE Magazine August 1979

LIFE Magazine August 1979 Microsurgery


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Pg… 4 Editor’s Note Pg… 9 Windows Dust Bowl Update Pg… 16 Letters Pg… 19 Portrait: Ted Kennedy By Loudon Wainwright Pg… 22 Putting People Back Together With miniature tools and a microscope, a surgical team works for 16 hours to save a severed limb Pg… 31 Backstairs at Blair House When foreign dignitaries come to visit, they feel at home in a historic Washington residence Pg… 37 The Amazing Alicia Though over 60 and partially blind, Cuba’s prima ballerina Alonso is still going strong Pg… 45 His Baa Is Worse than His Bite On American sheep farms, some Old World breeds of dogs are helping to ward off predators Pg… 53 Lickety–split Siblings Two American speed skaters, who happen to be brother and sister, are streaking toward the Olympics Pg… 58 The Equator Surprising extremes of weather and terrain are found along the line that girdles the earth at latitude zero Pg… 73 China’s Lost Legions Buried by the first emperor of China, a battalion of terracotta soldiers is unearthed after 2,200 years Pg… 78 Prison Without Stripes Innovative reforms at Walla Walla bring freedom?and a troubling violence?to maximum–security inmates Pg… 90 Getting High Veteran and rookie climbers scale the sheer cliffs of Colorado By James Salter Pg… 101 A Talent You’ll Be Hearing From An affecting young actress makes a name for herself in John Schlesinger’s Yanks Pg… 104 Life Around the World Maimed Children of Civil War in Nicaragua Pg… 106 Life Around the World Kidnap Victim Comes Home Pg… 108 Life Around the World A Long White Summer for KKK Kids Pg… 110 Life Around the World Portrait of an Irish Bomb Blast Pg… 112 Just One More

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