LIFE Magazine December 8, 1961

LIFE Magazine December 8, 1961 Holiday Foods from 12 Countries


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Pg… 32 STORY OF THE WEEK: Big Step Ahead on a High Road: the Racial anger that Inflamed Route 40 Yields to Hard Work and Common Sense

Pg… 40 NEWSFRONTS: How to Faint at Attention?Biggest Brava at the Met?A Look at State's New Team?The Big Space–Fossil Mystery?Global Step to Church Unity?Man on the Way to Orbit

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: The President Nails a Lie

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: King Cotton's Crazy Rule

Pg… 68 COLOR SPECTACLE: Cook Up a Happy Holiday: a Roundup of Christmas Foods, with Time–Honored Recipes. Photographed for LIFE by Eliot Elisofon

Pg… 90 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Story of a Man's Face: Agony that Began at Two Jima Ends in Triumph for Harold Lumbert and His Gallant Family. By Keith Wheeler

Pg… 92 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: A LIFE Photographer?George Silk?Shows the Lumberts Today. (See Article of the Week)

Pg… 122 BETTER LIVING: Edwardian Opulence for Today's Tastes: from a Lively Era?Frilly Luxury for Women, Elegance for Men and Laciness for Children. Photographed for LIFE by Milton H. Greene

Pg… 55 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: Gay Trip to Toyland with Walt Disney

Pg… 63 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: a Speedy Young Se?or Grabs a Big Wheel

Pg… 117 DEPARTMENTS: Education: Science's Brightest Youngsters

Pg… 17 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Red China's Tricky Word Game. By Scot Leavitt

Pg… 24 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Gift Books, Pageantry, Music, Nightclubs

Pg… 15 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 128 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Right End, Wrong Guy

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