LIFE Magazine February 13, 1970

LIFE Magazine February 13, 1970 How Americans Beat Inflation


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Pg… 20 Sidestepping the Money Gap: With Inflation Seemingly Here to Stay, a Sampling of Plausible Survival Tactics

Pg… 28 Editorial: Mr. Nixon's Economics

Pg… 30 Bertrand Russell: After a "Lifetime of Disagreement," the Great Intellectual Gadfly is Dead at 97

Pg… 36 Centennial Coup in Boston: Art Museum's One–Hundredth–Birthday Gifts Include a Raphael

Pg… 50 John Mitchell Has Heard It Before: "Nixon Doesn't Need a Cardinal Richelieu," Says the Attorney General. By Lewis H. Lapham

Pg… 60 Jacqueline Bisset's Beauty Problem: "It's a Drag to be Pretty," Says a Starlet wit Heavier Ambitions

Pg… 2 Departments: The Presidency: Memoirs Come to Market, by Hugh Sidey

Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: Bill Binzen's Photographic "Sandwiches"

Pg… 10–12 Departments: Reviews: "The Dick Cavett Show," Reviewed by John Leonard

Pg… 10–12 Departments: Reviews: "In Transit," a Novel by Brigid Brophy, Reviewed by Robert Phelps

Pg… 10–12 Departments: Reviews: "The Molly Maguires," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 18A Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18B Departments: Column: Farewell, More or Less, to the Supremes. By Barry Farrell

Pg… 65 Departments: Parting Shots

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