LIFE Magazine February 1984

LIFE Magazine February 1984 The Beatles


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note How to sneak into Afghanistan

Pg… 7 The View from Here Pardon my asking: What's new? By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 8 Camera at Work Photographer Starr Ockenga transforms tiny mortals into Valentine cupids

Pg… 14 Letters

Pg… 17 Portrait: Paul Newman The 59–year–old actor talks about life, death and Harry and Son, an upcoming film that he both directed and starred in By Peter W. Kaplan

Pg… 22 Prisoners of the Afghans Soviet deserters expose a dark corner of a savage war and find themselves men without a country

Pg… 30 Only Mondale Beats Reagan LIFE polls a county in Iowa that has picked America's President since 1896?and the results are surprising

Pg… 36 Is This What Christ Really Looked Like? After studying the Shroud of Turin, an English painter produces a new, tougher Jesus

Pg… 42 LIFE Visits the Great White Bears A tale of Arctic beauty and brutality By Anne Fadiman

Pg… 58 COVER STORY The Beatles Return with us to yesteryear (February '64 to be exact) when the Liverpool lads first landed in the U.S. and a generation of Americans went ape

Pg… 70 Kenny's World A legless 10–year–old struggles, with the help of a loving family, to live a rewarding life

Pg… 75 LIFE Around the World The Vivid Legacy of Miraculous Miro A Gathering of Medal of Honor Heroes An American Whirls Toward Sarajevo

Pg… 80 Just One More : Cover photograph by John Loengard

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