LIFE Magazine February 1997

LIFE Magazine February 1997 Fantastic Voyage through the Human Body


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Pg… 22 LIFE Goes to…: An Enchanted Carnevale in Venice

Pg… 10 The Big Picture: JFK Jr. Is Back in the Oval Office; Rio's Street Kids and the Death of Innocence.

Pg… 29 Almanac: Love in Bloom; a Heroic Song of Justice.

Pg… 33 A Technicolor Gatefold of the Digital Man.

Pg… 40 How One Death Row Prisoner Found after Life on the Internet.

Pg… 48 From Da Vinci's Dryness to the CAT Scan, Images of the Body Have Fascinated Artists and Doctors.

Pg… 59 A New Analyst of the Human Body.

Pg… 60 The Brain.

Pg… 64 The Heart.

Pg… 66 The Lungs.

Pg… 68 The Viscera

Pg… 70 The Spine.

Pg… 72 Michael, 12, Had a Brain Tumor, and His Doctor Was Able to Get inside His Head before the Operation

Pg… 82 Camera at Work: Eli Reed's America Is Personal – and Political.

Pg… 88 Just One More. : Cover: Digital Images of the Human Body Expand a New Medical Frontier

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