LIFE Magazine February 20, 1939

LIFE Magazine February 20, 1939 France No.1 Soldier


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Pg… 13 Spaniards Flee to France as Barcelona Falls

Pg… 20 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 21 Ten Great Liners on New York's Waterfront

Pg… 22 U.S. Cardinals Sail for Rome; Blazing Building Falls on Firemen

Pg… 23 New York Bans a Hollywood Movie; New Mexico Jury Acquits Senator's Sister

Pg… 24 Nation's Ace Foresters Gather for Biggest Logging Job in History

Pg… 26 Ancient Chinese Drama Revived in New York

Pg… 26 Personal Indignities for Cash Wow Patrons of Bronx Theater

Pg… 33 The Mediterranean: Italy Threatens Britain from Gibraltar to Suez

Pg… 36 ?Map: 5,000 Years in the Mediterranean

Pg… 45 Television

Pg… 56 Gamelin: France's No. 1 Soldier

Pg… 28 Big–Game Fishing

Pg… 38 Thomas Benton's Nudes People the Ozarks

Pg… 54 "Made for Each Other"

Pg… 52 The Bible in Pictures: Story of Moses

Pg… 64 Matornity Clothes Use New Devices

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: Birthplace of the Presidents

Pg… 66 LIFE Goes to Gay Nineties Party in Hollywood

Pg… 70 Pictures to the Editors

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