LIFE Magazine February 22, 1960

LIFE Magazine February 22, 1960 Jane and Henry Fonda


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Pg… 1 Cover: Between rehearsals for her Broadway debut, Jane Fonda has a get–together with her father, Henry, in New York. Pg… 16 The Week’s Events: It was a whale of a week of news: Biting weather, sudden death, an atomic bomb in the Sahara, a Colorado mystery, a strange new satellite, and a piqued TV comedian, among other things, had the world rolling along at a furious pace. Pg… 29 The Week’s Events: “I am going to resist to the end”: On death row, Caryl Chessman faces two detectives who helped condemn him. By Peter R. Brooke and Art Seldenbaum. Pg… 35 The Week’s Events: A little lion’s big victory: Chik T’Sun, the prize Peke, wins Westminster dog show. Pg… 38 The Week’s Events: Missile kills missile: Army scores a first on U.S. supersonic defense. Pg… 26 Editorials: What candidates shouldn’t say. Pg… 26 Editorials: Freedom still wins battles. Pg… 26 Editorials: A talent hunt for leaders. Pg… 78 Photographic Essay: Denmark, a showcase of Democracy: An ancient kingdom thrives on hard work, community spirit, and hygge. Part 2 of a series. Photographed for LIFE by James Whitmore. Pg… 96 Article: Up horoscope! Astrology, the gospel of the stars, booms in the U.S. as zealots cite “evidence” that it works. By Henry B. Darrach Jr. Pg… 41 Animals: A wolf becomes a good retriever. Pg… 49 Nightclubs: Three Kims from Korea and their kayagums: The give an Oriental flourish to familiar U.S. songs. Pg… 59 Close–up: A baffling movie master: Sweden’s Ingmar Bergman becomes the world’s most honored movie director. Pg… 65 Sports: The erupting antics of “Mr. Bones”: Wake Forest’s basketball coach cheers on his team with bravura from the sidelines. Pg… 71 Theater: Flowering of a new Fonda: Henry’s daughter Jane Fonda has a film–stage debut. Pg… 77 Fashion: Way–down waist coming up again: New spring dresses are right out of the ’20s. Pg… 109 Party: Pop’s travel treat: Generous father takes family and relatives, 23 in all, to Hawaii. Pg… 8 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Faces by forgotten artists peering out of the past. Pg… 112 Other Departments: Miscellany: Outlandish ways to dress / fashion.

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