LIFE Magazine January 1980

LIFE Magazine January 1980 Iran Ayatullah Khomeini


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 9 Windows: Photocopy Copy Copy Art

Pg… 16 Letters.

Pg… 19 Portrait: Mikael Baryshnikov by Martha Duffy

Pg… 22 Irans Long Cry of Rage: For America: the lessons of the crisis by George W. Ball

Pg… 31 Did Anyone Tell the Queen? Art historian Anthony Blunt was a spy for the Soviets.

Pg… 37 Look into the '80s: a portrait of America for now––and the future.

Pg… 38 The Shuttle: A–OK for 1980, the space plane that lands like a rock with wings.

Pg… 48 Sun–Conscious Houses: primer on passive solar heating.

Pg… 59 Food for Tomorrow: crops that grow without earth.

Pg… 64 Houtex: Rich–to–bursting Houston is America's city of the future.

Pg… 76 Last Stand For the Rain Forest: a chance to slow the cutting in the Amazon.

Pg… 83 Live Art: lurching hybrid shows off its Dadaesque roots

Pg… 90 The Expanding World of Bill Rush: disabled student at the University of Nebraska has an inventor as a classmate by Anne Fadiman

Pg… 100 Master Work on Ice: Lost for 100 years, a painting by Frederic Church sells for $2.5 million by Joseph Roddy

Pg… 106 Life around the World: the pity and horror of Cambodia.

Pg… 112 Just One More. : Cover: photographs by Gianfranco Gorgoni (Komeini)

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