LIFE Magazine January 2000

LIFE Magazine January 2000 Year in Pictures 1999 Special Issue

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Pg… 12 Editor's Note

Pg… 16 Time Around the World: For millions who march to the beat of a different calendar, the year 2000 is just another spin around the sun, By DAVID EWING DUNCAN – PHOTOGRAPHY BY PIERRE PERRIN

Pg… 25 Bob Greene: At century's end, a time for new beginnings

Pg… 30 The Year in Pictures: What a year! Athletes and earthquakes shake things up, a French explorer digs things up, and a Latin heartthrob heats things up.

Pg… 48 The Comeback Kid: Patrick Ireland's survival instincts after the Columbine shooting are what saved him. Months later, he relies on them still. BY GERARD WRIGHT

Pg… 64 Zeta's New Home: Since fleeing the horrors of Kosovo with her family, six–year–old Zyrjete Korqa has found refuge in the U.S. But there are some memories she can't escape.BY CLAUDIA GLENN DOWLING PHOTOGRAPHY BY APRIL SAUL

Pg… 90 After the Flood: Drying out, cleaning up and moving on: A church's flock keeps the faith in the wake of Hurricane Floyd.PHOTOGRAPHY BY LYNN JOHNSON AND JAMES REXROAD

Pg… 101 Faith in the Future: The President's hopes for the new millennium BY WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON PHOTOGRAPHY BY HARRY BENSON

Pg… 106 LIFE Remembers: A fond farewell to the legends who left us

Pg… COVER JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy: Arnaldo Magnani/Liaison. (Left to right, top to bottom): FabriceCoffrini/Keystone; Doug Pensinger/Allsport; Hironori Miyata/FDB/Liaison; John Reardon/Katz/Matrix; Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated; Colin Braley/Reuters/Archive Photos; David Bohrer/Los Angeles Times; Francis Latreille/Cerpolex; Mariella Furrer/Saba; Dennis Brack/Black Star;John Stanmeyer/Saba; Ron Angle/Liaison; Andreas Friess/Liaison; Patrick Durand/ Corbis Sygma; Anwar Hussein/All Action/Retna.PICTURE SOURCES are listed by page. 16–20: Corbis Sygma. 90–91: Aurora. LIFE is printed by Perry Judd's Incorporated, Shenandoah Division.

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