LIFE Magazine January 21, 1972

LIFE Magazine January 21, 1972 Vietnam War One Week’s Dead


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Pg… 28 The Beat of Life: The "Queen Elizabeth" Burns, Joseph Kennedy III Encounters a Roan Antelope in Kenya. Shootout in Baton Rouge. A Shark is Born with a Diver's Help

Pg… 30 The One Boy Who Died: During One Week in December, the Only American Reported Killed in Vietnam was Sp4 Jerry N. Duffey, of Charlotte, Mich. His Life, His Family and His Death, Reported by Dale Wittner

Pg… 41 Love?but Don't Touch: Defenseless Against Germs, a Four–Month–Old Baby Survives in a Plastic Isolation Chamber

Pg… 44 Nader at Work: A Hectic, Happy, Sleepless, Stormy, Rumpled, Relentless Week on the Road. By Charles McCarry

Pg… 56 Break Your Fast in Brave New Ways: How to Serve Up Breakfasts with Fuel and Flair for Your Family. By Elizabeth Lansing. Photographed by John Dominis

Pg… 65 TV's Search for the Nile: A Dramatic Six–Part Re–Creation of the Fascination Quest, Which Will Soon be Aired Across the Nation. The Fabulous Adventurer and Scholar Who is Hero of the Series. By Edward Kern

Pg… 28 Eye on the Environment: "Metro" Government in Minnesota's Twin Cities is Coping with Urban Sprawl. By Edmund Faltermayer

Pg… 68A Parting Shots: A J.F.K. Impersonator Tries to be Funny Again. By Thomas Moore

Pg… 68A Parting Shots: J. F. Stone Retires to a Tough New Job. By John Neary

Pg… 10 Departments: The Presidency: H.H.H. Again?with a Vision or Two. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 14–20 Departments: Reviews: Peter Schrag's "The Decline of the WASP" is Reviewed by Benjamin DeMott

Pg… 14–20 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel Reviews Ken Russell's Film "The Boy Friend"

Pg… 14–20 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Reviews the Annual "Survey of Broadcast Journalism"

Pg… 14–20 Departments: Reviews: "Sports Huddle," a Boston Radio Show, is Reviewed by William Bruns

Pg… 22 Departments: 34 Years Ago in 'Life": F.D.R.?Some Portraits of the Old Pro

Pg… 27 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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