LIFE Magazine January 26, 1962

LIFE Magazine January 26, 1962 Robert F. Kennedy


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Pg… 26 STORY OF THE WEEK: A Valley Buried Alive in an Avalanche in Peru. Photographed for LIFE by Don Uhrbrock. "Scar on Huascar?n?on a Worn Face, a Tear," by Miguel Acoca.

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Sukarno's Bid for Trouble

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Higher Hopes for Schools

Pg… 36 NEWSFRONTS: Show of Success for J.F.K?.Norell's Instant dress?Crook Caught with Heroin?Mouthful of Polio Immunity?Happy Day for Dominicans?Twisty Audrey Aboard a Boat

Pg… 54 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: These Children are at Stake: Teachers and Pupils Join in an Uphill Struggle in a Big City School. Photographed for LIFE by Howard Sochurek

Pg… 76 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The No. 2 Man in Washington?Robert Kennedy: "Nothing Goes on Without Bobby Being in on it." By Paul O'Neil

Pg… 96 SPOTLIGHT: Golden Age of Geraldine Page: Two New Films and Broadway Play Spread Actress's Talent and Fame. Photographed for LIFE by Gordon Parks

Pg… 47 DEPARTMENTS: World's Fanciest Pearl?a Glittering Wonder from the Ancient Turks

Pg… 72 DEPARTMENTS: A Pretty Parer of Poundage?Debbie Drake

Pg… 23 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: the Who and How of Chinese Chow. By Stanley Karnow

Pg… 14 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to Jazz and Colleges and Clubs, a Railroad Tour, Books, Theater, TV

Pg… 9 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 104 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Bird–Brained Deer

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