LIFE Magazine July 10, 1939

LIFE Magazine July 10, 1939 Japanese Home Guard


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Pg… 13 Another Long Rules Louisiana as Scandals Shake Stale Machine

Pg… 18 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 19 Teny Galento, the Clown Who Fought Like a Hero, Gets Beaten

Pg… 20 Crisis No. 7: Danzig

Pg… 21 ?Europe Makes Whoapee Under Clouds of War

Pg… 22 Pictures of Weidmann Guillotining End Public Executions in France

Pg… 24 80,000 Shriners Take Over Baltimore for Seven–Day Convention

Pg… 26 Silver Senators Seek to Swell West Point Hoard

Pg… 48 Japan: After Two Years of War She Seems to Prosper at Home

Pg… 58 Eddie Rickenbacker: Hero Makes Good as Man of Affairs

Pg… 42 The Link Trainer Teaches Fliers on the Ground

Pg… 29 Jacksonville Lifeguards Boast No Drownings in 20 Years

Pg… 32 The Robert Taylors Go to the Races

Pg… 56 "On Borrowed Time"

Pg… 36 Cosmetic Colors in Clothes Boost Make–up Sales

Pg… 38 Glass Gadgets Turn into Earrings

Pg… 34 Hell's Canyon is Deepest in the World

Pg… 46 Frog Painter Combines His Art and His Business

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: England Cartoons War

Pg… 66 LIFE Calls on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Pg… 70 Pictures to the Editors

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