LIFE Magazine July 23, 1945

LIFE Magazine July 23, 1945 Peggy Ann Garner


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Pg… 19 The Week's Events: Berlin

Pg… 28 The Week's Events: Editorial: Reconversion

Pg… 29 The Week's Events: Eclipse

Pg… 30 The Week's Events: "Suzy from Shangri–La," by Shelley Mydans

Pg… 32 The Week's Events: Canadian Soldiers Riot in England

Pg… 35 The Week's Events: U. S. Army Rule Fails to Stop Fraternization

Pg… 55 The Week's Events: Los Angeles Divorce Mill

Pg… 60 Article: "Yeep! Yeep! Amerikansk Yeep! By Joe Weston

Pg… 65 Photographic Essay: New World Charter, Photographs by Gjon Mili

Pg… 72 Photographic Essay: Evatt, by John K. Jessup

Pg… 42 Science: Plexiglas Models Help Soldiers Study Weapons

Pg… 78 Science: The German Space Mirror

Pg… 51 Movies: "Junior Miss"

Pg… 83 Medicine: Veteran Without Hands

Pg… 2 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Carol Janeway's Tiles

Pg… 90 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to the Pansy Breakfast

Pg… 94 Other Departments: Miscellany: Harrow Meets Baseball

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