LIFE Magazine July 23, 1971

LIFE Magazine July 23, 1971 Clint Eastwood


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Pg… 20 Trying to Help the GI Addicts: An Eleventh–Hour Search is On for the Answer to Heroin. Photographed by Arthur Schatz

Pg… 28 The 'Wild Beast' That Devours the Dry Forests: The Worst Forest Fires of the Century Scar Arizona and New Mexico. Photographed by Dick Swanson

Pg… 34 Editorial: A Chance to Bargain on Vietnam

Pg… 36 Hildegard Rides Again: A Star–Crossed Actress Becomes a Best–Selling Author. By Milton Orshefsky

Pg… 38 Gold–Plated Regatta: Ocean Racers Gather for the Block Island Races. Photographed by George Silk

Pg… 44 Who Can Stand 32,580 Seconds of Clint Eastwood?: Just About Everybody, It Turns Out. He is the World's Favorite Movie Star. By Judy Fayard

Pg… 51 Pungent Memories from Mr. Acheson: The Former Secretary of State is Interviewed by Kenneth Harris

Pg… 54 The Camera Eye of Thomas Eakins: The Famous Painter was Also a Master Photographer

Pg… 61 Parting Shots: An American's Streak at the Chessboard

Pg… 61 Parting Shots: Some Ghosts Liven Up a Lecture Hall

Pg… 61 Parting Shots: A Rhubarb Over Co–Ed Little League

Pg… 4 Departments: The Presidency: New Respect for "the Old Dino." By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: Marilyn Monroe when She was Just Norma Jean, Photographed by William Burnside

Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: Critic Walter McQuade Describes the Building of an Instant City by Architecture Students

Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: An Underground Repair Manual for the Volkswagen is Thumbed Through by Joseph Kastner

Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Discusses the Debate on Public vs. Private TV

Pg… 8–14 Departments: Reviews: "The Omnivorous Ape," by Lyall Watson, is Reviewed by Hugh Kenner

Pg… 17 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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