LIFE Magazine May 1998

LIFE Magazine May 1998 Raising the Septuplets / LIFE Exclusive


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Pg… 39 How to Raise the Septuplets: the McCaughey Seven' s First Weeks at Home in Carlisle, Photography by Brooks Kraft.

Pg… 66 Saving the Orangutans: A Primatologist in a Hollywood Star Joined Forces to Rescue the Great Apes photography by Alan Sheldon.

Pg… 60 Hikers Highway: His boots were made for walking, and walking, and walking: a writer's three–month track along the Appalachian Trail

Pg… 73 Don Quixote, Balloonist: Kevin Uliassi, pinned his hopes, and life savings, and the dream of circling the globe.

Pg… 78 Faith in Paint: Artist Albert Wegner preaches about the passions that have colored his world photography and Mary Ellen Mark

Pg… 82 Andy's Last Shot: Cancer vaccines are giving millions – including a 16–year–old boy – new Hope. Photography by Pete Souza

Pg… 12 Letters

Pg… 18 The Big Picture: A rush on papal souvenirs; the monarch's rush season; rushing waters in Peru.

Pg… 28 Images: Nature's Glory… Focusing on human rights… Isaac Mizrehi's designed for living… Burlesque shimmies on

Pg… 96 Camera at Work: double vision: New York City, then and now.

Pg… 104 Just One More

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