LIFE Magazine May 31, 1963

LIFE Magazine May 31, 1963 Space Astronaut Gordon Cooper After Space Flight


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Pg… 4 Editorials: The Lawyer's Unneeded Veil

Pg… 4 Editorials: New Case for the Old Saloon

Pg… 17 LIFE Guide: Want to Build a Cabin? This Tells You How. Also Tells You About the New Name Bands, Fine Train Trips

Pg… 19 The Tom Swifties: Special Report by Scot Leavitt on What has Happened to a Famous Hero's Adverbs

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 Watch the Black Muslims: A Negro Sect Which Preaches that Whites are Devils Takes on New Prominence in a Time of Racial Impatience and Violence. And a Negro Photographer, Gordon Parks, Permitted Inside the Secretive Movement, Explains in a Moving Article "What Their Cry Means to Me"

Pg… 34 Trudy Cooper's Story: As Gordo Gets a Big Hello from America, His Wife Writes Her Own Story of How She Felt Through the Flight. "I Guess I was Saying, Go, Go."

Pg… 41 How Animals Tell Time: Scientists Begin to Solve a Wondrous Mystery of Nature?the Biological Clocks that Regulate the Feeding, Sleeping, Mating of Beasts and Birds. By Alicia Hills

Pg… 52 The Royal Reformer of Iran: The Shahanshah of Iran Tells the Dramatic Story of How, in a Revolution form the Throne, He is Rebuilding His Nation?Whose Ancient Glories are Recalled in a 10–Page Color Portfolio of Art and Architecture. By His Imperial Majesty Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi

Pg… 74 Fuss Over a Lovely Fraulein: Elke Sommer, a Young German Star, has Hollywood Begging Her to Come and Work There

Pg… 80 Adventure in a City Garden: The Urge to Grow Things Gets an Apartment Dweller Involved with Poisoned Dirt, Warped Wood and a Strangling Kudzu Vine. By Paul Mandel

Pg… 89 Zoo at Home: A Photographer's Children Love Anything They Can Cuddle, so His House is Full of Rabbits, Setters, Hamsters, Ducks and Lord Knows What Next

Pg… 96 Miscellany: What a Spot to Put a Pole

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