LIFE Magazine May 7, 1971

LIFE Magazine May 7, 1971 Feminist Germaine Greer


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Pg… 28A Four Unlikely People

Pg… 28B Paul McCloskey: A Republican Congressman Who is Willing to Run Against President Nixon in Hopes of Ending the Vietnam War

Pg… 30 Germaine Greer: An Outspoken Feminist Who Likes?and is Liked by?Men. By Jordan Bonfante

Pg… 34 Jean–Claude Duvalier: The 19–Year–Old Son of Papa Doc Takes on the Tricky Job of Running Haiti

Pg… 38 John Connally: A Democrat Deep in the Heart of the White House. Secretary of the Treasury and Nixon Confidant. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 42 Fiery Ordeal of the Everglades: Drained for Land Development, the Parched Florida Wilderness has Been on Fire for Four Months

Pg… 46 Editorials: The Law Within Us

Pg… 46 Editorials: An Improper Subpoena

Pg… 48 Saving Savannah: Citizens Restore the Architectural Splendor of an Old Southern City. Photographed by Henry Groskinsky

Pg… 60B When America's Funniest Writer Turned Serious: The Extraordinary Saga of Neil Simon's Struggle to Save His Latest Play. By Richard Meryman

Pg… 84 A Stylish New Line for the Paris M?tro: A 30–Mile Subway Extension Sports Dazzling Terminals and Speedy, Silent Trains

Pg… 90 It's Howdy Doody Time?Again: Buffalo Bob Stages a Comeback and Finds that His Old Fans Still Love Him

Pg… 4 Departments: Guest Privilege: The "Average Man" Might Surprise You. By Robert Coles

Pg… 6 Departments: Gallery: Don Worth Photographs Trees and Rocks in San Francisco

Pg… 8–20 Departments: Reviews: Five Books of History, Fiction and Reportage Reviewed by Melvin Maddocks

Pg… 8–20 Departments: Reviews: William Zinsser Offers Some Answers of His Own for "The College Bowl Quiz Book"

Pg… 8–20 Departments: Reviews: "The Exorcist," a Novel of Satanic Possession by William Peter Blatty, is Reviewed by Webster Schott

Pg… 25 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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