LIFE Magazine November 16, 1962

LIFE Magazine November 16, 1962 War in India


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Pg… 38 STORIES OF THE WEEK: Three Great Big G.O.P. Grins to Jolt the Democratic Ins

Pg… 46 STORIES OF THE WEEK: India: the War that Shook the Giant

Pg… 50 STORIES OF THE WEEK: A Great Lady is Dead

Pg… 55 STORIES OF THE WEEK: Ill–Fated Raid to Cuba with Alpha 66. By Andrew St. George

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: The Voters: What they Said

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: The Parties: How they Fared

Pg… 88 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: The Lash of Success. A Modern Parable: Vic Sabatino's Fierce Vision of Money and Power. Photographed for LIFE by Grey Villet

Pg… 104 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: How We Drive Teachers to Quit: They Can't Take the System?and You Can't Blame Them. By Richard Meryman

Pg… 120 SPOTLIGHT: Some Remarkable Animals Pace New Films

Pg… 61 DEPARTMENTS: Firemen: All Fired Up for a Field Day

Pg… 79 DEPARTMENTS: Better Living: Big Call for Antique Phones

Pg… 83 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Tommy Myers, Ice–Cold Passer with a Hot Arm

Pg… 99 DEPARTMENTS: Entertainment: Bring 'em Back Dancing

Pg… 116 DEPARTMENTS: Nature: Help in a Flamingo Calamity

Pg… 22 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Backward Ran Town a Day The. By Elizabeth Baker

Pg… 29 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Toys, Books, Music, Auto Shows, Movies, Records, Sports

Pg… 35 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 128 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: No Head for Football

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