LIFE Magazine November 19, 1965

LIFE Magazine November 19, 1965 New York City Blackout


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Pg… 4 Editorial: So, "Vive De Gaulle" but with Reservations

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Book: Your Child Is a Person by Stella Chess, Alexander Thomas and Herbert G. Birch, Reviewed by Jessica Mitford

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Movie: The Cincinnati Kid, Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 10 LIFE Reviews: Theater: American Playwrights Theatre, by Tom Prideaux

Pg… 33 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 35 The View from Here: A Dark Night to Remember. By Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 36 Power Blackout in New York: For One Night, the Big City Lived by the Light of the Moon. What Went Wrong: Something Called 345 KV. By Theodore H. White

Pg… 57 Tarkenton: Football's Scrambler: The Vikings' Quarterback Like Risks?Backfield and Business

Pg… 65 Helen Gurley Brown Turns Editor: The Iron Butterfly Scores a Soaring Success in the Magazine World. By Chris Welles

Pg… 86 The Smithsonian: The Famous Museum, Wellspring of a Nation's Pride Celebrates an Anniversary. Photographed by Ralph Crane. A Powerhouse in the Attic. By David Martin

Pg… 105 The Parapooches: Finland's Army Trains Dog Parachutists for Border Patrol

Pg… 110A Margaret in America: The Princess Looks Us Over

Pg… 115 Patterson's 'Glass Jaw': Clay's Knockout Target has a Vulnerable Chin. Clay's Former Trainer Tells Patterson How to Beat the Champ. By Drew Brown

Pg… 124 A Thousand Days, Conclusion: The Kennedy Legacy: a Vision of the Truly Civilized Society. By Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Pg… 141 George Segal: Happy To Be a King: The Cocky Movie Actor Rides in On "Rat" and Goes On to "Woolf." By Ann Guerin

Pg… 144 Cleveland's Stylishly Smashing Blondes: The Outdoors is a Way of Life and Clothes are as Snappy as the Girls Who Wear Them. Photographed by Howell Conant

Pg… 152 Miscellany: Let's Face the Music

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