LIFE Magazine November 1982

LIFE Magazine November 1982 Test Tube Baby Elizabeth Carr


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Pg… 8 Editor's Note: From the DMZ to a Fertility Lab.

Pg… 10 The View from Here: The Trouble with Blaming Tylenol by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 14 Camera at Work: A Big Red Sofa Keeps Turning up in the Most Unexpected Places.

Pg… 34 Letters.

Pg… 39 Portrait: Alan Dershowitz, the Convicted Criminals Last Line of Defense. By Robert Manning

Pg… 44 Small Miracles of Love and Science: Test–Tube Babies Are Bustin' out All over the World

Pg… 56 Unsinkable or Sitting Duck? A Debate Rages between Congress and the Navy over Super Carriers like the Nimitz.

Pg… 63 Crazy Cats: With $5.5 Million in Advance Sales, the Musical Cats Is Broadway's Hottest Ticket.

Pg… 71 What Made You Jump? A St. Louis Couple Can't Understand Why Their Soldier Son Defected to North Korea.

Pg… 78 Rapture of the Rapids: Six Americans Go Halfway around the World in Search of Whitewater Thrills.

Pg… 84 Breathing Easier: Once Heavily Polluted by Industry, Steubenville, Ohio, Cleans up Its Air.

Pg… 95 Merry Prankster in Alaska: Author Ken Kesey Offers Some Insight on His Next Novel, Set in the 49th State.

Pg… 103 Folks Art: Santa Fe Museum Gets Alexander Girard's 106,000–Peace Collection of Handmade Artifacts.

Pg… 110 Not Too Hot to Handle: Young Women Joined Men in Battling Forest Fires in a California Version of the CCC.

Pg… 116 Animal Kingdom… or Animal Farm? Conservationists Offer a Radical Proposal to Save Africa's Endangered Species by "Cropping" The Animals and Selling Their Meat by Herald T. P. Hayes

Pg… 133 High Times at Harvard: A Look inside the Zany Lampoon, Its Staff and Their Shenanigans.

Pg… 145 Making anne Klein Click: Two New York Fashion Designers Give a Sexy Span to a Staid Label

Pg… 152 Going under: North Dakota Lawyer Sarah Vogel Fights to Save Family Farms in the Midwest

Pg… 163 LIFE Visits Van Halen on Tour: Fans Stream up the Stage When Rocks Rowdiest Rogues Go on Tour.

Pg… 173 LIFE around the World: John Hinckley's Mad Game of Chance… Portrait of Passengers Spared a Fiery Death… Little Tramp with a Great Profile… A Bittersweet Last Look at Princess Grace.

Pg… 180 Just One More. : Cover Photograph Might Frank Cowan

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