LIFE Magazine October 1983

LIFE Magazine October 1983 Nancy Reagan Exclusive Reagan Ranch Visit


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note: We Celebrate Our 50th Birthday.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: Life with–and without–Father by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 10 Camera at Work: Photographer Robert Vavra Captures–and Film–the Elusive Unicorn, Thereby Proving That Believing Is Seeing.

Pg… 22 Letters.

Pg… 25 Portrait: Judith Rossner, in Her New Best–Selling Novel, August, the Author of Looking for Mr. Goodbar Reveals Her Obsession with Psychoanalysis by Jesse Kornbluth

Pg… 33 A LIFE Series on Our Troubled Criminal Justice System: Part 1: Plea Bargaining–The Tough Choices, Prosecutors Must Make.

Pg… 48 Cover Story: Mrs. R.'s R & R: Roughing It with the First Lady at the Reagan's California Retreat.

Pg… 60 Wales vs. Nets: It Takes Skill and TLC to Rescue the Hapless Humpbacks That Blunder into Catfish Traps off Newfoundland.

Pg… 89 Life Visits Racing's Inner Sanctum: At the Santa Anita Track in Arcadia, California. The Real Action Is Not on the Turf, but in the Jockey's Private Domain

Pg… 96 Lincoln at Gettysburg: A Vivid Re–Creation of a Memorable Moment in America's History, 120 Years Ago Next Month by Philip B. Kunhardt Jr..

Pg… 116 Neo–Neon, U.S.A.: Long Considered Garish and the Ugly, Neon Signs Are Back in Vogue–As Glowing Pieces of Sculpture too.

Pg… 125 Antic Encounters: In a Gallery of Never–Before–Published Portraits, Photographer Annie Leibowitz Takes a Fanciful Look at Some Famous Faces

Pg… 136 The Ageless Matt: As It Celebrates Its 100th Birthday, New York's Metropolitan Opera Is Still a Glamorous Prima Donna in Excellent Voice.

Pg… 146 Life around the World: In Naples, the Falcons Strike Back… There They Go into the Wild Bleu Yonder… Lech Walesa Plays the Wading Game

Pg… 152 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Harry Benson

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